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Young blacks need the facts

Young blacks need the facts

Young black activists who are loudly and boldly speaking out on the oppression of blacks in America from the days of slavery right up to today have been told only half of the truth. As I listen to them talk, they omit critical historical facts. It is crystal clear they are parroting distorted facts, which some liberal “wise guys and girls” have taught them.

Recently, I observed a discussion between a young black male in his early 20s and an older very well educated and highly respected black political scholar. The young man was railing about black oppression, black poverty, black mass incarceration, and white supremacy, all of which are legitimate issues to all black people.

However, long story short, the young black man accused the older black man of not knowing his history, but when it was apparent that the younger man clearly was the one who had the knowledge deficit. The young black activist was wrongly blaming President Trump and Republicans for decades of black oppression and white supremacy. He has been taught to hold the wrong people accountable for the plight of black Americans.

If he were properly educated, he would know that from 1865 to the 1960s, and right up to today that the Democrats are the ones who bear the blame as well as the shame.


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