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Voter Fraud Charges Begin in Ohio

By Stephen Feller

Possible fraudulent voter registrations are being discovered in Ohio and officials fear that this may be a groundswell of thousands more to come.

“It’s certainly not a joke,” said Alex Triantafilou, a member of the elections board and chairman of the county’s Republican Party. “In Ohio, that kind of activity is a felony. Any person who would engage in that kind of conduct with something as serious to our democracy as voting, is highly irresponsible and potentially criminal.”

Triantafilou also told Fox News that election officials fear more widespread fraud. “We have someone doctoring registrations, and the next step would be a serious move toward fraudulent voting. We are worried about it,” he said.

Election officials have flagged 200 possibly fraudulent voter registration cards, including one voter who registered as “John Adolf Hitler” after 33,000 new cards were sent to county officials across the state for verification in the final week leading up to Tuesday’s presidential election.

Many — if not all — of the suspect voter registration cards were filed by FieldWorks, a Washington, D.C., based third-party registration firm. They were flagged by the Hamilton County Board of Elections as possibly being fraudulent, reported Fox News.

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