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The Spiritual Dangers of a Trump Presidency

For Christians rightly repelled by the candidacies of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, with their unapologetic embrace of the culture of death, same-sex marriage and a host of other cultural ills, the questions is, should we take a best-of-a-bad-lot approach with presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump? You may think you’ve already heard all the arguments against voting for Trump. But if you’re a believer in Jesus Christ, there is one little-discussed hazard of a Trump presidency that may be even more critical than weaknesses in the man’s proposals or even character per se: namely, the message we deliver as Christians to the skeptical world around us, if we support Trump.  Christians worship God alone. We honor His holy love. We echo Jesus’ words about repentance of sin. For Christians, what we are is inexplicably linked to how we treat those around us. “By their fruits you will know them,” said Jesus. James asked, “Can a mouth which curses man praise God?”  read

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