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The President America Deserves

The Mess We Saw Coming There’s a musical in Joe Biden’s future.

It is a mess everywhere: Afghanistan. Our southern border. Skyrocketing crime in our major cities. Inflation. Brainwashing our children with “critical race theory.”

We saw this coming. One could say “Yeah, but we did not expect it all to blow up this quickly.” But actually we did.

Biden took office with Pelosi and Schumer on January 21. It is not clear when Harris begins her term as Vice President. Biden now has seven months under his belt. That’s about 15 percent of his presidential term. Only 85 percent left to go. Kandahar times get any worse? Yes, they will.

This is how democracy works. The theory is that you vote for the person most qualified, but that is not the requirement. Our Founding Fathers indeed were terrified that, if democracy were left to the average person — which, after all, is what a “mediocrity” is — then The Mediocrities potentially comprising the majority of the electorate would elect incompetents like themselves to run this great national experiment into the ground. That is why the Constitution was structured with nuances to diminish all-out direct democracy, at least a bit.


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