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The National Football Championship Disaster

This year’s National Championship game should have been one of the best ever, but the NCAA, in its infinite wisdom, all but guaranteed that wouldn’t be the case. For the first time ever, they moved the championship game to an outdoor stadium on the west coast, Santa Clara, CA (just outside of San Francisco) to be precise. This is the stadium the 49ers play in and is truly hated by NFL players because the drainage and turf on the field are the absolute worse in the NFL when it gets wet. Well guess what, it will begin raining there today through game time Monday and beyond. Temperatures will be in the mid-50s at game time and the field will be a soggy, sloppy mess. To make things even more dicey, they replaced the sod (turf) less than two weeks ago. Here’s my take: It will really come down to who can adjust best to the rainy, sloppy conditions and make the fewest mistakes in the process. The NCAA sure ‘screwed the pooch’ on this venue. Sadly, the biggest support base to turn out for either team will be their bands and cheerleading squads. Because it is on the other side of the country from their fan bases, it is outrageously expensive for travel there, lodging and meals, especially for families with young children in school. My point has been proven by the fact they have reduced the price of all tickets 50% because there are few takers, fans or locals! Having the game in Atlanta would have been a sellout!!!!! Unforgivable! The Tide will show Californians how the game is really meant to be played! I sincerely hope no players are seriously injured because of a nearly unplayable field! Roll Tide! #NCAA #NCAAscrewedthepooch

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