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Teachers face retaliation for criticizing Common Core


President, Advocates for Academic Freedom

Teachers are supposed to leave professional judgment at home. A teacher who tries to adjust the lessons labeled Common Core is not supporting the mandate and is, therefore, insubordinate. Her kids typically won’t pass the federally-aligned tests, either. Common Core has taken “teaching to the test” to new heights.

Ethics and professional standards prevent educators from publicly criticizing any district-approved policy, which includes Common Core, since educators are evaluated based on their implementation of district policies. But a teacher’s true feelings can be found on NEA and AFT internet sites.

Without community support, educators are typically unwilling to become a lone voice against district policy. However, teachers hold their unions responsible for falsely representing them.

NEA Today published an article claiming that 75 percent of their members supported Common Core Standards. Insulted and betrayed by their union, more than 200 teachers immediately reported that they had not been surveyed and that they knew of no teachers in their schools who supported Common Core Standards. Others implied that the union knew that the majority of teachers hated Common Core and that the union refused to represent those teachers.

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