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Target to Discontinue Sale of Holy Bible

Minneapolis, MN – Target CEO Brian Cornell announced today the retail giant will be discontinuing sales of the Holy Bible. The company has come under fire recently from religious groups for its new transgender bathroom policy. The King James Bible has been available for purchase at Target stores ever since the company was founded as Goodfellow Dry Goods back in 1902. Speaking with CNBC, Cornell cited recent protests from what he calls “religious extremists” as the reason to pull the bible from its shelves. “Target will no longer cater to religious extremists,” said Cornell. “If that means removing the bible from our shelves, then so be it.” Cornell said the big box chain is “sticking to its guns” regarding their bathroom policy, and will be phasing out anything having to do with religion. “We believe that everyone, every team member, every guest, and every community, deserves to be treated equally, regardless of their religious beliefs.”  read

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