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Flashback: Lib Mom Aghast as Huge Guy in Lakers Jersey Walks Into Ladies’ Room


A self-described ” “very progressive” mom got a rude awakening that changed her views about the “bathroom debate” and decided to share her story regardless of what the backlash would be. This is a reality check like no other.  Kristen Quintrall Lavin runs a blog called, “The Get Real Mom,” in which she exposes the harsh realities of what she calls, “momming.” However, on a recent trip to Disneyland with her young son, Lavin, she was exposed to another harsh reality — the reality of bathroom stalking, which made her question her progressive views on the bathroom debate.  Lavin commented on her blog that she has seen and supported “transgender” women — men identifying as women — using women’s public restrooms prior to the incident happening at Disneyland. “Transgenders who certainly felt comfortable in the women’s room and probably frightened to go into the men’s. At these times, I smiled … I peed … and life went on.”

Obama’s “Sex Is A State Of Mind” Nonsense is Being Dismantled – Piece By Piece

Piece by piece, Barack Obama’s leftist social engineering agenda is being dismantled.

In a landmark ruling, the Texas Attorney General won a nationwide injunction to block an Obamacare mandate that required taxpayers to pay for “transgender reassignment surgeries” and abortions.

The new rule was to take effect Jan. 1 – it defined “sex” as a “state of mind.”



3 Ways Conservative Lawmakers Should Fight Obama’s Bathroom Directive

On May 13th, the Obama administration issued “guidance” to school districts across the nationpurporting to require them to allow biological boys unfettered access to girls’ lockers, showers, and bathrooms or risk losing federal education funds.

On the same day it issued a new Obamacare regulationrequiring federally-funded physicians, hospitals, and insurers to assist or pay for gender identity transitioning treatments or surgeries with no religious exemption.



Why is Obama Obsessed with our Sexual Identities?

Obama’s at it again.  He wants women to engage in military combat, he eliminated “don’t ask, don’t tell,” he promotes gay marriage, and now he wants transgender students to use the bathrooms that match their concept of their gender identity.

With all the problems, why is Obama so obsessed with fiddling with our sexual identity?  Does he have some problem with being a man or some disgust with his wife being a manly woman?  Does he want the borders between the sexes to be as porous as the border between the US and Mexico?


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