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St. Lucie elections supervisor admits errors

By Laurie K. Blandford

ST. LUCIE COUNTY — Elections Supervisor Gertrude Walker Tuesday admitted mistakes were made election night when uploading results from the last three days of early voting, blaming human and machine errors.

“I’m not perfect, neither is my staff,” Walker said during a Tuesday evening press conference.

Out of 94 precincts, the first 40 — most of them in Fort Pierce — weren’t counted at all and the last 54 — mostly in Port St. Lucie and the county — were counted twice, which explains why city votes increased and county votes decreased after the Nov. 11 retabulation of the votes from Nov. 1-3.

There were 3,635 counted twice and 1,953 not scanned at all.

The Nov. 11 retabulation corrected the error, Walker said.

“I’m confident that every vote has been counted accurately,” Walker said.

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