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Shameful ‘No Show’s’ For Netanyahu Speech

Today, will go down as an historic day both for the United States and Israel, some good, some bad.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks to Congress this morning at 11:00. People all around this world will be watching and listening to hear what he has to say. ‘People around the world will be watching and listening,’ that really says something about the importance and significance of the moment. Yet this morning, there will be a number of ideologically driven people who have elected not to attend. They are:

Vice President Biden, President of and resides over the Senate. Although he had plenty of notice of the Prime Minister’s visit, he elected to leave the country this past Sunday and will not be in attendance.

American Ambassador to Israel, Daniel Shapiro, following President Obama’s order not to attend.

‘NO’ member of the Obama Administration, following President Obama’s order not to attend. Meaning, not even a Cabinet member.

Congressman Keith Ellison, D-MN, was the first Muslim elected to Congress and for obvious reasons, will not attend.

Thirty (30) Democrat Congressmen/women will not attend because they say protocol was broken by inviting the Prime Minister. Is that the real reason? Really?

A number of members of the Congressional Black Caucus have pledged they will make a scene and disrupt the Prime Minister during his speech. Sadly, for all the world to see. How insulting would that be for one of the ‘Free World’s’ greatest leaders and the American people?

Netanyahu said yesterday: “Americans worry about their security, the Israeli Prime Minister worries about Israel’s survival!” Yes it’s true, most Americans do worry about their security and that of their families, I honestly don’t have a clue what our leaders are thinking about!

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