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Seth Grove wrong about Common Core (letter)

I recently viewed a TV commercial where Seth Grove stated that Common Core is dead in Pennsylvania. Having been in the front lines of the fight to remove Common Core from our schools I can say with 100 percent accuracy that it is not dead in Pennsylvania, just renamed and repackaged. Many Americans are being made aware of how politicians manipulate the language in order to gain favor within their constituency, but there are so many issues out there it is hard to keep track of who is fighting for what you believe.
Common Core is definitely alive and well in Pennsylvania as the article on the front of the York Sunday News can attest. The State Department of Education decided to rename it the Keystone Standards. Our schools are still chugging away with implementing the standards, even though there is no data to support that these standards are any better or different than the last set of standards that they implemented. More money is being put into our schools under the guise that it is necessary so we can be at the cutting edge of education.

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