Blog Ruth Bader Ginsburg 1975: ‘Unisex’ bathrooms unnecessary

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg 1975: ‘Unisex’ bathrooms unnecessary

The headlines across America have been obsessed with bathrooms in recent days, the attorney general of the United States has held a news conference on the subject, Target Corp. has publicly addressed it, Texas officials have cited it, lawsuits have been filed, and more.  All because a minority of citizens say their belief they are the opposite gender from their physical attributes requires the rest of the nation to allow them to use the restroom, locker room, shower room, and more, of the sex with which they identify, not the sex they are physically.  Target has promoted the idea, Texas officials are outraged at the store’s lack of protections for women and children in restrooms, North Carolina and the Department of Justice have dueling lawsuits pending, and there’s little doubt at some point the U.S. Supreme Court will actually issue a ruling on toilets.  read

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