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A Patriot’s Thoughts: What if? No Borders, No Sovereignty and No Truth!

I’m back! After five very exciting months researching, compiling and preparing my family’s history, my work with it is done. And yes, it feels like there is a void in my life now that it has been published and distributed. The last thing on my mind going into this week was to write an editorial, but so much misinformation is being spewed regarding our border, protecting it and our sovereignty, my message is screaming to be put down in writing.

We are told by a segment of our population (nearly half), many legislators in Congress and especially the media, that border enforcement is inhumane and deprives people ’their right’ to come to this country for a better life, is wrong and must be stopped. We are being bombarded with lies and half-truths in an attempt to inflame the believers and sway those on the fence.

For example:
1- They are horrified that our government is separating children from adults (many are not their parents, but involved in child trafficking ), yet the media never tells the entire truth. President obama implemented this policy during his presidency and it went unnoticed by the screamers, until today. Why is/was that? Hmmm, I’ll get back to that one.
2- We are led to believe every illegal seeking to enter this country is coming to find work or escape oppression and persecution. Can’t argue with that, except that it applies to only a small number of those coming in or attempting to. Following interviews with many of them, it became apparent they are coming here knowing they will get a ‘free’ ride off of our backs in the form of taxpayer funded benefits. My question is: Just how strong are our backs and why should our hard earned family income be redistributed in the form of taxes (increases) to support them basically, forever? Hmmm, I’ll get back to that one.
3- President obama said everyone is welcome and should come to our compassionate country, law or no law and he allowed them to do just that! Where was the outrage when he proclaimed that and the illegals started pouring in from Mexico and Latin America? Hmmm, I’ll get back to that one.
4- Most recently, the media and believers became incessantly outraged that women and children were tear gassed (non-lethal, although they want you to believe otherwise)) trying to storm our border. Women and children: no! Only men committed to storming the wall and forcing their way in. Now I know, there is a picture of a mother and her children running from the tear gas, but she was not close to the actual event. She said, even at a distance the tear gas scared her and when asked why she was trying to cross the border, she explained to join her husband who is already here illegally. Not to escape oppression or persecution as we are being led to believe. A vicious unending cycle. The question is: How and when will it end? Hmmm, I’ll get back to that one. (Note: obama ordered the use of tear gas 80 times, but you will not hear one word about that in the news).
5- Activist Federal judges are ruling on border issues contrary to and in defiance of the Constitution and existing laws. Those judges are well-known to the no-border, let them all in activists and are sought out to issue rulings in their favor each and every time they begin loosing ground and their argument. Why don’t these judges honor the oath they took to ‘protect and defend the Constitution’? Hmmm, I’ll get back to that one.

August, 1990, I along with tens of thousands of other committed men and women in the military were deployed to Saudi Arabia and other neighboring countries to protect the borders and sovereignty of both Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Why would we make such a commitment and concerted effort to secure their borders, their sovereign rights and the future of the people of those countries (other than oil)? Why would we do it for them and not our own country? Hmmm, I’ll get back to that.

In 2016, the people of the United Kingdom (England) voted to leave the European Union (EU) so they could take back control and governance of their country, specifically to close their borders to the invading Muslims entering their country in vast numbers (known as Brexit). But the EU is having none of it and fighting them tooth and nail, the same as those in England that want to remain a part of the EU and retain their open borders. The EU doesn’t believe any of its member countries should have borders. If you aren’t aware, the EU is leading the world in the push for ‘one world governance’.

Now, let’s get real for a minute and face a hard truth. I’ll leave you with this: What if the illegals that tried to storm our border wall this past weekend had done more than throw rocks and beer and coke bottles at Border Patrol Agents (three agents were injured and taken to the hospital)? Hmmm, I may have a possible answer for that one. Daily, Israel is fighting for its very existence and ability to continue as a sovereign nation and people and spends every minute protecting its border from ‘invasion’ by the Palestinians. Yes, the Palestinians have been throwing rocks, bottles and whatever else they could find for years as they try to rush across the border, but they also graduated to something far more deadly and terrifying to the Israeli people: short range rockets launched just several hundred yards from the border. My question is: when will our activist funded illegal ‘invaders’ trying to breach our border graduate to a more deadly tactic of some kind? (Note: Some years ago, the Palestinians began building sophisticated tunnels across the border into Israel to sneak across or conduct terrorist raids. As many of you know, may have forgotten or didn’t know, the illegals on our border have been doing the same thing for a number of years (sneaking across and/or smuggling drugs). The progressively evolving parallels are alarming).

We, as a country and people must slow down, take a step back and consider the long-term consequences of those illegally coming into our country, waving their home countries flags and burning ours as they travel north to the border. Time is running out folks. The decision is simple: Protect ourselves as the Israeli’s do or give up our country in just a few short years!

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