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A Patriot’s Thoughts: The Battle to Secure the Border

The idea for the subject of an editorial usually comes to me when I least expect it. Sometimes it comes during a conversation with a friend or acquaintance, from something I see or hear from various sources and sometimes (more often than not) the thought just appears out of nowhere. As troubling as this topic is for our country and considering the relentless discussions and media coverage, today’s topic hit me like a bolt of lightning when I read a news banner on the bottom of the television screen. Daily, we hear/see the term ‘Battle to Secure the Border’ and have come to accept it to mean one thing, when in fact, the very essence of the subject means something quite the opposite (depending on the lens you are looking through).

Looking back through history the term ‘Battle’ has meant to fight, to struggle to prevail, to overcome, and that is true when it comes to securing our border, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Yes, millions of people from Mexico, Latin America and numerous other countries/areas from around the world want to come here legally/illegally for a better life and many have. Securing the border is ‘one’ battle, but it isn’t the real culprit in all this. That is the ‘battle’ we have been programmed to accept and have been forced to take sides on. Taking sides simply means: are you for or against letting those people walk freely (undocumented and unvetted) across our border and be absorbed into our society. We are constantly being programmed to feel guilt or shame for not welcoming them with open arms. Why is that, what’s the motivation?

Before you begin thinking ‘wow, this guy is an insensitive jerk’, I would like to say no one is more sympathetic to the needs and plight of some of the people trying to crash our borders than I. Having traveled throughout the world, no one knows and understands more the daily struggles, needs and wants of those less fortunate than we are in this country. Actual true story: Two weeks ago, a group of 10 people from a church in Spartanburg, SC returned from a week-long trip to the Dominican Republic. They took and handed out supplies to various communities and helped with projects within those communities, as well as providing spiritual support. To the person, they came back appalled at the conditions with which ‘they’ had to live and pledged never to return. Like the local people, they had no running water to drink or take showers, no electricity, no restaurants to stuff themselves and no comfy hotel to stay in at night. They couldn’t wait to get back home to their comfortable lifestyles. Upon their return they said, they have a new appreciation for those people and their situation and believe we should allow all of them into this country. Welcome to half the world, folks! Yes, I’ve seen this and worse and no one is more sympathetic than I, but do we allow all of them from around the world into our country to ease their pain?

As a country, we elect and send people to Congress to make and enforce laws that will protect us, both as a people and country. Unfortunately, their political beliefs override the oath they took to protect and defend us. That’s the ‘Battle to Secure the Border’ I’m talking about! Let me qualify that by saying, it does not apply to all, but the vast majority!

Without using labels such as left or right, conservatives or liberals, I’ll explain what I mean. The real ‘battle’ being waged is within our government (Congress) and has detrimentally spilled over into the media and nearly every home across the land. One group says: we must protect our borders, our sovereignty as a nation and enforce existing laws on legal entry into this country. That the laws are in place to provide for those wanting to come here legally and in the prescribed way. The other group, believes in a One World globalist society without borders, in this country or any other. Further, they believe anyone wanting to come here has both the legal and moral right to do so and that we should welcome them with open arms. They have gone so far as to very discreetly change/enact laws that provide illegals with financial support (tax dollars) so they never have to work a day in their life once they arrive, including providing free college tuition. They tell us it is inhumane for anyone to deny them their ‘basic right’ to come here legally or illegally. In defiance of our laws, wealthy business owners and special interest groups are going so far as to organize and fund caravans of thousands of people so they can come here illegally.

The European Union (EU), backed by the United Nations, is the prime example of the globalist (no borders) movement and their experiment is failing miserably. Numerous countries within the EU are being overwhelmed by vast numbers of immigrants, so much so, the limited number of actual citizens in many countries is becoming overwhelmed and are being outnumbered by immigrants. When that happens, those countries will loose their sovereignty and over time, through their voting process, their country.

My purpose is not to change your mind in any way, but to simply provide the truth. There are two ‘Battles’ to Secure the Border currently raging in this country: the obvious one is to secure the border and force legal entry. The other (the real battle), is to completely open the borders to anyone wanting to come to this country illegally. We are being fed one ‘battle’ to obscure and allow the other to gain traction, to thrive and ensure permanency (make it legal for them to come and go as they please – to classify them a immigrants as the EU does)! The outcome of this battle will determine the future and possible existence of this country.

(Note: The opinions expressed above are mine alone.)

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