Blog Read The Tea Leaves: Gov Setting Us Up For Rate Hike?

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Read The Tea Leaves: Gov Setting Us Up For Rate Hike?

The February jobless numbers came out today telling us less people are out of work (5.5%). Additionally, they reported payrolls are up by a ‘WHOPPING’ $293K, nationwide. Can we believe these reports? Although I can’t say for sure, after six years of lies, deception and their track record, I seriously doubt their validity!

For months, we have been hearing threats of the Fed raising interest rates. Over the past 3-4 weeks, that rhetoric gained momentum almost to a fever pitch by those in the banking world. So I ask, are we being mentally prepped and set up for a June-July rate increase? The stock market took a major hit based on this mornings news, prompting even more energized talk of an increase. If true, the American people do not deserve this type of manipulation and abuse. Also in question, can our economy absorb and support such an increase and the peripheral side effects of it? Only time will tell!

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