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Obama Unleashed – How Far Will He Go?

I wrote this short article last November and the queston still applies today!

Rick’s Editorial, 11-5-14: When The Other Shoe Drops…..

Now that the mid-term election has come to a close, I find myself asking, now that this election is over and the president has no more allegiance or obligations to the Democratic Party, what new surprises will suddenly come out of the White House or be unleashed on us and the world?

For the first time in months, I honestly have to say, I do not have a clue or even a ‘best’ guess as to how far he will go! So much damage has already been done to the Constitution and the very ‘fabric’ of America, I can’t fathom anything more. But then, my ideology and core principles and values are so different, it severely limits my ability to think in such a ‘creative’ and ‘destructive’ manner.

So, I hand the ball off to you. What do think he will throw our way? He will have no party-line ‘checks and balances’, therefore, he will become a ‘free-lancer’, free to do pretty much whatever he wants, both ideologically, politically and vendictively. It is very likely, he will by-pass Congress and push through anything he wants using Executive Orders. The first and most damning to our country will very possibly be Immigration Reform or more commonly referred to as Amnesty. Congress will not challenge or stop him, so who will and how far will he go to complete his ‘fundamental change’ of America? I suspect, even his staunchest ‘liberal’ supporters will be shocked and dismayed at how brazen he will become. Scary prospect for our future!

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