Blog No, I will not pass the Donald to find out what’s in him.

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No, I will not pass the Donald to find out what’s in him.

I have been trying to answer the various arguments put forth by Trump supporters meant to persuade conservatives who are #nevertrump.  Should I put aside moral/ethical concerns and vote because of party?  Should I vote for Trump because of the Supreme Court?  Another common argument I hear goes thus: Yes, Trump is a liberal. Yes, he is untrustworthy. Yes, he is all of those things that I find morally, ethically, and professionally reprehensible. But he is also unpredictable, and successful in life, and once he gets into office he will be more likely to get some things right than Hillary. His life record of social and political liberalism should be ignored. His profound and embarrassing factual ignorance of matters of government, trade, debt, foreign affairs, national defense don’t matter. His daily flip flops don’t matter.  Just trust him, trust the people he will put in place, it will be so great.  read

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