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NGA “Corporate Fellows”: Providing Governors Ideas That Work

For four of the five years that I taught in Northwestern Georgia, I taught at an alternative school. Every time I received a new student, it meant that the student had been expelled from a district public school. I had a student who built a bomb and discharged it on a principal’s lawn.  I had a student who attempted to build a bomb, and it discharged on him. I had a student who was an accessory to crime involving firearms. I had a student who was a victim of a shooting. I had a few students who were suspects and/or charged with murder.

It was a tough crowd, needless to say.

My job was very secure. No one wanted to replace me when I left to pursue my doctorate.

On one occasion, my students asked me if I would arrange it so that they could take archery.

Not a chance.

Some “opportunities” just should not happen. My highly impulsive, volatile, alternative school students with bows and arrows was one.

The National Governor’s Association (NGA) and a “corporate fellows program” is another.

And yet, NGA does indeed offer a “corporate fellows program.”

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