Blog Muslims urged to fund Syrians headed to West

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Muslims urged to fund Syrians headed to West

Muslims everywhere must help fund Syrian refugees on their “hijra” (journey) to the West, and the only way to prevent another refugee crisis like what’s happened in Syria is to build a worldwide Islamic caliphate, says a Canadian imam.  Mazin Abdul-Adhim said in a fiery sermon recorded on YouTube that the Western powers have caused all of the bloodshed in the Middle East and will not relent in their assault against the worldwide “ummah,” or global Islamic community until the Khilafa or caliphate is implemented.  “The problem is that we don’t understand our own system — the Khilafa (caliphate). And therefore, how do we support the people of Syria? We must send money and help the refugees that are coming here in every way that we can,” he said in addressing an Islamic conference in Hamilton, Ontario, titled “The Truth Behind the Syrian Refugee Crisis.”  read

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