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Memorial Day – Thoughts and Remembrance – Click Title to Read

Memorial Day provides us the opportunity to solemnly remember and say thank you to all who have sacrificed and served. Without exception, I think back to the days my family members (father, uncles, nephews and cousins), friends and myself were in harms way and the sacrifices made to preserve the freedoms of the people of this great land.

I firmly believe it should be mandatory for every American to watch the movies ‘D-Day’ and ‘We Were Soldiers’. By doing so, it would provide an understanding of what is required to preserve the freedoms, so many today, are willingly giving away by turning a deaf ear and blind eye as their freedoms are being eroded and stripped away!

As we honor the soldiers, airmen and sailors (men and women), we must never forget to pay tribute to the spouses who stayed behind, always alone and afraid and forced to raise their families under the most financially and mentally challenging conditions. Beverly was a Squadron Commander’s wife and was responsible for providing assistance, guidance and referrals to 154 wives that remained behind, some just barely out of high school. Some of the stories she tells of what she was confronted with are heart-wrenching. Unfortunately, these hardships seldom make the news or receive the recognition they so rightfully deserve. Over the centuries, it has taken them all to make America GREAT!

God Bless America! Please, fly your flags proudly this weekend!

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