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Lies in the Public Square – Click Title to Read

I see something going on. These hack sites put a lot of truth out….then slip in some lies. Thats how they deceive us. We share them when they are right and it gives them credibility and then when they put lies out, its easy to deceive people.

Thats how the politicians are doing it too. They say so much we agree with, and they hook us. Then they lie, and we accept it because, well, they must be good cause they said so much truth. Look, even Satan can use truth! Thats the whole part of a deception…there is just enough truth to make it sound good and then we dont see the lie for what it is….the use of the truth was to promote the lie!

Folks this is what discernment is about. The reason that the deception is convincing is because so much truth was used to validate the argument. We ignore the fact that people lie, or excuse it. We say ‘oh no one is perfect’…which is true. But when you lie you prove, by that lie, who you follow. There is no truth found in him. He uses the truth to hold up his lies in an effort to deceive us.

We have so many local races going on. For example, one of the big ones is David Rawlstons race. After his stance on Religious Freedom, how can you still vote for him? If you’ve not been following things close enough to know what he’s been doing, maybe you should consider not voting!!! If you want things to change in Georgia, change that seat…vote for the dog catcher to get him out!! He has lied and used his office for his own agenda and you still vote him in? Oh he may bring money to your area, but how selfish can you be??? He is destroying the rest of Georgia to do it.

Vote for Sam Snider…do your part to help put Georgia back where the people determine what goes no in our state…not those who have the money to buy influence!!

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