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Jaw-dropping testimony in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial should end the case

Last week, Kyle Rittenhouse’s case finally went to trial.  He is accused of murdering two men and attempting to murder a third.  From the beginning, he has asserted that he acted in self-defense, and the available video footage supports his contention.  Last week, his defense got a boost when the prosecution’s witnesses testified that Kyle avoided conflict and was running away from one of the dead men, Joseph Rosenbaum, who had sworn to kill Kyle, had cornered him, and was trying to seize Kyle’s gun.  The prosecution’s case took an even bigger hit on Monday when Gaige Grosskreutz, the prosecution’s star witness, admitted that he was aiming a loaded gun at Kyle when the latter shot him.

I must give Grosskreutz points for testifying honestly, although he could hardly do otherwise, given the video evidence showing two important things: (1) when Grosskreutz held his hands up in the universal surrender position, Kyle did not fire, and (2) when Grosskreutz aimed a loaded gun at Kyle from three feet away, Kyle fired a shot disabling Grosskreutz’s gun arm:

Grosskreutz had other useful testimony for Kyle Rittenhouse’s defense.  Once again, Andrew Branca has a splendid summary, with lots of video footage.  I highly recommend it for anyone who wants the important details from a full day of testimony.  Here are the top notes from that summary:

Grosskreutz admitted that Kyle never fired an offensive shot at anybody.  His only shots were fired defensively.  His control was such that he held fire if people attacking him backed off.

Grosskreutz also testified that he was concerned that Kyle might be injured when Anthony Huber, whom Kyle shot fatally, swung his skateboard at Kyle’s head — testimony that contradicted Assistant District Attorney Binger’s attempt to ridicule the idea that skateboards could be a lethal weapon.  It emerged that Grosskreutz had told the police that Huber was swinging the board with his grip on the metal fixtures, making the board itself exceptionally lethal.


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