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A Patriot’s Thoughts: Islam, Islamists And Muslims, What You May Not Know!

It’s often confusing trying to understand the difference between Islam, Islamists and Muslims based on how they are presented and referred to in various articles and the media. As someone who lived and worked in two Muslim countries and understands their religious mindset, I still find it difficult to determine exactly what we are being told and why. The simple fact is: There is only ‘one’ difference between all Muslims, the language they speak (based on their country of origin). That’s it! They all follow the same religion, Islam.

Islam is the religion set forth by Mohammad in the Qur’an and is followed by Islamists and Muslims, alike. As is the case with Christianity and other religions, there are subgroups that have varying beliefs, but retain one basic core belief. The Islamic faith is no different. Islam is broken into two groups: moderates and fundamentalists. The moderates interpret the Qur’an peacefully and try to live their lives accordingly. The fundamentalists on the other hand, take every reference in the Qur’an literally, especially when if comes to expansionism, proselytizing and an eye for an eye. The Islamists represent a subgroup of the fundamentalists and are more radicalized. Their even more radical counterparts, the Jihadists (Holy warriors), take it to violent extremes. For example: Members of ISIS are Jihadists.

What most non-Muslims do not understand, Mohammad included the Old Testament of the Bible in his Qur’an. Mohammad wrote the equivalent to the New Testament himself, and proclaimed himself the Divine Prophet (Jesus equivalent) after he said he received a visit/vision from the Archangel, Gabriel. He had many wife’s, abused and mistreated young girls and women and was a ruthless murderer, killing many, many times during his life. He stated he ascended to heaven while standing on the site of today’s Dome of the Rock. His ascension is referred to as Mi’raj, but it was not immediate. It took place over a period of time. http://answering-islam.org/Gilchrist/Vol1/3d.html

One goal of most religions is to bring non-believers into their faith by peaceful means. The Qur’an takes it much further. To ‘proselytize‘ is to convert someone to your belief, faith, group or organization. The Qur’an promotes having multiple wives, procreation and proselytizing to expand the faith and lands owned and controlled. As we’ve seen through the centuries, Muslims have conquered, converted and expanded their lands. They have never lost sight of their directed goal of expansionism. The darker side of the Qur’an says, convert the non-believers and if they refuse, kill them. In some instances, the Qur’an says it is permissible to make the non-believer pay a fee or penalty for their infidelity. Moderate Muslims do work hard to convert non-believers, but generally ignore the directive to harm others, but the radical fundamentalist faction strictly adheres to this teaching. Muslims will openly tell you, if you are not a believer, you are nothing and deserve to die. The Qur’an is very specific (multiple references), convert or else! 1- http://www.vexen.co.uk/religion/islam_unbelievers.html.     2- https://voiceofeurope.com/2018/03/third-german-teen-girl-murdered-by-an-afghan-migrant-she-refused-to-convert-to-islam/

Procreation! Muslims already here and those coming into this country are arriving with 4-8 children and multiple wives to ensure they will have as many children as they can afford, largely supported by taxpayers. Polygamy is against the law in this country, but the government routinely turns a blind eye and makes exceptions for followers of the Muslim faith.

I’m sure you’ve heard the ongoing debate on whether to allow Sharia Courts/Law into this country. The Qur’an defines and lays out a separate legal system that Muslims are to be judged by and they do not believe they are obligated to follow any other law, ours for example. Creeping Sharia (courts in this case) has become widespread in the United Kingdom. It is interesting to note, Sharia courts use their own Muslim appointed judges, often Imam’s (preachers). Disturbingly, there are many on the left in Washington and across the nation that feel our government should allow Sharia Courts in this country. It’s happening all over Europe and I suspect it is just a matter of time until ‘creeping’ Sharia wins out here.

With the growth of Islam in the US, comes the never-ending need for more places to worship. In 2012, there were 2,016 mosques, today the number is over 2,600 (some estimates are 3,000) and more are being built every day. But not just being built, Muslims are buying and converting Christian church properties to mosques. In the United Kingdom the numbers are far more dramatic. London had 500 churches close and 423 new mosques opened. Mainland European countries are experiencing the same surge in mosques. Additionally, the Muslim influence has gained an even greater foothold than most people believe. FoxNews posted this article 3-12-18:  1-  http://www.foxnews.com/world/2018/03/12/right-wing-journalist-lauren-southern-denied-entry-to-uk-purportedly-over-criticism-islam.html     2-   http://wjla.com/news/nation-world/mosques-experiencing-growth-in-us. ‘London Closes 500 Churches; Opens 423 New Mosques’: http://yournewswire.com/london-churches-mosques/

Muslim leaders knew they couldn’t win a war against us or the Europeans, so they settled on a much more subtle long-term and bulletproof approach where they would take us over without firing a shot. It’s working to perfection. They are having kids at an unbelievable rate and are slowly but surely, being elected to Congress, state and local government positions. The more they are assimilated into all levels of government, the greater their ability to influence and ultimately change our laws. Below is a PEW research study on the past and present Muslim census numbers. One point ignored in all the reports I researched: Not one addressed or mentioned the fact President Obama and his administration seeded Muslim immigrants into communities, large and small, within every state in this country. Albeit many of those groups are small now, they will grow through procreation and conversion. http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2018/01/03/new-estimates-show-u-s-muslim-population-continues-to-grow/

I provided several articles for reference and review and there are literally dozens more online. If you are curious and want to learn more, check them out. Fortunately, moderate Muslims outnumber the fundamentalists. My hope is, at some point, all religions will respect each others’ beliefs and can get along peacefully.

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