Blog History shows the moral bankruptcy of leftist demands for reparations

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History shows the moral bankruptcy of leftist demands for reparations

My great-great-grandfather, Fred Voelker, fought in the Civil War in the Second Battle of Springfield, Missouri, on January 8, 1863. It was a grisly little battle that featured hand-to-hand combat The bayonets were set. On February 8, 1863, he died due to battle wounds. He was twenty-three years old. It took him a month to die. He is buried in the National Cemetery in Springfield, Missouri. A small, white tombstone marks his sacrifice.

Great-great grandfather was christened Ferdinand Wilhelm Friedrich “Fred” Voelker. We believe he was born in southern Germany in 1839. (The family name has since been changed to Foelker.)

Fred’s only child, Henry Edward Voelker, turned three years old a week after his father died fighting for a country that was not his own.

Fred’s wife, Johanna Wilhelmina Ernestine “Minnie” Ziemann Voelker Schroeder, (my great-great-grandmother) remarried less than a year after she became a war widow. We presume she remarried so soon for support. Her family immigrated to the United States around 1850 from Bohemia. They had been Eastern European serfs. Remember, at that time if you were a poor immigrant there were no food stamps, AFDC payments, rent assistance, medical assistance, etc.

Before 1863 was just a memory, Minnie married Adolf Teodor Robert “Robert” Schroeder. He was born in Germany in 1835. Robert and Minnie farmed in Wisconsin, near Waterloo.


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