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‘Hate Crime’ Charges Filed After Racist Attack Against Larry Elder

On Friday, two California councilwomen filed a complaint with the LAPD over alleged “hate crimes” committed by protestors. On Wednesday, the women, Latina Soledad Ursua and Chie Lunn, were walking with California gubernatorial recall candidate Larry Elder as he toured a Venice Beach homeless encampment when a white woman wearing a pink-haired gorilla mask hurled both eggs and racial slurs at the group.

California Globe reports, “Ursua says she and Lunn, both members of the Venice Neighborhood Council, ‘are the only women of color on the council,’ and felt targeted” by the aggressive and violent protestors. Larry Elder, a black man, is a person of color as well.

“I feel like these are people doing performance art protesting,” Ursua told the Globe. She said one of the protestors was a tatted-up skinhead guy. She got photos of him. From his recognizable tattoos, it was determined that he’s a local MMA fighter. “That’s expensive to do,” Ursua said. “He’s not some homeless guy out for a protest.”

Ursua told the Globe that not one elected member of the L.A. City Council has commented publicly about the attack on Elder, Ursua, and Lunn. “Sheriff Alex Villanueva is the only one who asked about this being a hate crime,” she said. “Where’s the FBI? Where’s the LAPD?”

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