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Global Supply Chain System Collapse

Under Joe Biden, it seems as though — in a very few months — we have been dragged into a boatload of crises.

But there’s another crisis that hasn’t been getting the attention it deserves from the media, and it’s affecting all of us whether you know it or not — and it’s about to get worse.


Cargo ships anchored off California and New York, and in rail yards and on trucking routes, shipping consumer goods are incredibly backlogged  due to a lack of manpower and pandemic restrictions to unload the goods. And now, there are warnings that the supply chain may be on the brink of collapse.

Shipping ports which normally only had one or two ships in dock waiting to be unloaded prior to the pandemic now have dozens lined up, waiting to be unloaded for up to four weeks, slowing the whole chain. In Los Angeles and Long Beach, as many as 73 vessels were waiting to be unloaded last month. The bottlenecks at the ports are also impacting railways and trucking. In Chicago — that has one of the largest rail yards — it was at one point backed up for 25 miles.


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