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Donald Trump urges West Virginia voters not to vote

Note: Could it be that he is trying to completely destroy the GOP? If he doesnt want people to go vote for him thats one thing. But there are other races, and other people that need votes. Is he trying to blow up the GOP and help the dems?

Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee who will soon be one election away from the White House, has a message for voters: Don’t.

The billionaire politician told a crowd of West Virginia supporters Thursday that they’re better off staying home during the state’s primary next week.

“You know, you don’t have to vote anymore,” Trump said, days after the final two Republican presidential hopefuls dropped out of the race, leaving the bombastic businessman as the presumptive nominee.

 “Save your vote for the general election, OK? Forget this one — the primary is done,” he continued, urging voters to forfeit their right to America’s democratic process.  Read article here

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