Blog A Patriot’s Thoughts: Division, Whining, Finding Fault, Half-Truths and Lying

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A Patriot’s Thoughts: Division, Whining, Finding Fault, Half-Truths and Lying

We are about to welcome in a new year and with it comes, well, who knows what! One thing is certain, some things will not change and may in fact, become more pronounced. As a nation divided, there are numerous issues facing us and I question if any of them will change for the better in 2019. What I’m presenting is nothing new, but I feel compelled to address a few of the issues for posterity sake. Who knows, someone might put it in a ‘time capsule’ for a future generation to read and grimace, questioning how we could have allowed ourselves to get to this point.

What is meant by: ‘a nation divided’?  Hmmm, the list of issues dividing us is long and internally destroying our society the same as a metastatic malignant cancer.  A few of the predominant issues are: political ideology and philosophy, screaming ‘racism’ just for the sake of doing it, the war on religion (Christianity and Judaism), the war to expand gender identification well beyond what has always been the accepted norm, the runaway court/judicial system, the war to legalize illegal immigration and the pursuit to eliminate our national sovereignty. I’m sure you can add a dozen other issues to the list, but those stand out in my mind.

Whining and Finding Fault is one that drives me crazy. People whine about everything, usually either within their control or at least they could get involved to try an make it better. Granted, it is easier to whine and find fault (assign blame) rather than getting off your butt and doing something about it. Many people have become lazy and do nothing to improve their situation,  look for handouts or shortcuts to get ahead. News Flash: it doesn’t work that way! As NCAA football coaches tell their players…..’do the work’!

Half-Truths and Lying have become commonplace in this country and it’s getting worse. The media, primarily television and social media, have taught us how to do it without a guilty conscience or remorse. What I’m talking about isn’t telling a ‘little white lie’ to keep from hurting someone’s feeling, but twisting the truth (half-truth) or boldly telling a flat out lie. It has become so bad, it’s difficult to believe anything or anyone without checking the validity of what they said. We are rapidly loosing our moral foundation with no end in sight!

I’m throwing this one in because I really don’t know what to do with it. It is the ‘White Supremacy’ name calling. First, I know what it is and how it is suppose to be properly applied, but people today use it in a most disgusting and negative way without having a clue of what it really means. Earlier in the year, I was accused of being both a racist and white supremacist. That person made those accusations because of a post I placed on social media. The post provided a statistical analysis of the negative impact of illegal immigration. Go figure!  I suspect ‘feelings’ have become so tender in this country and explosively divided, people feel compelled to lash out and try to hurt anyone they disagree with.

Well, that’s a wrap for me in 2018. It has been a blast putting my thoughts on paper and I hope you have enjoyed agreeing and disagreeing with me.  Happy New Year!!!!!!!!





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