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Digital Badges for Learning

Remarks by Secretary Duncan at 4th Annual Launch of the MacArthur Foundation Digital Media and Lifelong Learning Competition


SEPTEMBER 15, 2011

I’m excited to be here to celebrate the launch of the 2011 competition, and its potential to propel a quantum leap forward in education reform. We’re on the verge of harnessing education’s power to unleash the full measure of human potential.

I want to commend the MacArthur Foundation’s thoughtful and forward-thinking approach to educational philanthropy. And, I applaud the collaborative partnership that makes possible this groundbreaking competition, now in its fourth year.

The MacArthur Foundation and its partners – Mozilla and HASTAC, hosted by Duke University and the University of California Humanities Research Institute – are working together to provide venture capital for technology innovations that can dramatically improve educational access and quality, in America and around the globe.

This year’s efforts will expand the hub of digital media projects and products, and the record of success begun in 2007.

President Obama and I see building a world-class public education system as an economic, civic and social imperative. It’s a mission he’s championed since the earliest days of his administration. And, just last week, President Obama outlined his American Jobs Act before a joint session of Congress. His plan includes immediate investments that will help today’s students compete in tomorrow’s economy.

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