Blog Dear Delegates: “Please – Save Your Party from Itself!!!”

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Dear Delegates: “Please – Save Your Party from Itself!!!”

#NeverTrump = #DoEverythingInYourPowerToStopHim

Tonight, I have very bad news for you.

The voters have sent you a big, hot, steaming pile of compost, and now you’ve been given the task to spin it into gold thread. It’s an impossible job, and I feel for you. So here’s a message from someone who is hearing from lots of conservatives tonight, delegates: do what your conscience dictates. Trump is a certain loser in any general election matchup, and could possibly lose in such dramatic fashion that it would change the face of Congress. So do what’s in your heart. You have it in your powers to change all the convention rules, to refuse to cast your first ballot votes, to refuse to even show up for first ballot voting.   Read article here

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