Contact Tracing: Your governors, red or blue, are coming after you

Red-state governors threaten their own citizens with arrest if they don’t comply with contact tracing investigators — up to six months in jail in Texas!

It was late morning on Tuesday, May 26, when James Daggett heard a knock on the door of his apartment home in Cedar Park, Texas, about 20 miles north of Austin.

When he answered it, two uniformed officers wearing badges and facemasks stood and stared.   Read

A ‘Patriot’s’ Thoughts: Can We Survive The Push To Socialism?

History tells us that in Germany from 1939 to 1945, 1/3 of the people were killed by 1/3 of the population, while 1/3 silently watched and said nothing. Times change and although people are not dying as they did in World World II Germany, the numbers aren’t much different in today’s America. 1/3 of the people are pushing hard for Socialism, 1/3 are passively watching it happen and saying nothing, while 1/3 are speaking out against it. How secure is the future of our Constitutional Republic? Can it survive or will this be its final test? (more…)

A ‘Patriot’s’ Thoughts: A Difference in Political Perspective

The tale of two tapes! In this case, it’s the tale of two differing philosophies in American leadership and politics. Last night, America witnessed two very different major events: the final Democrat Debate in Iowa and President Trump’s Rally in Milwaukee, Wi. To say the difference between the two and their audiences was like ‘oil and vinegar, would be a gross understatement! But, that is exactly what the American people saw as the evening progressed. Here are a few examples (but not limited to): (more…)

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