BLM Co-Founder, LA Chapter Leader Discuss Group’s Occultic Practices of ‘Invoking Spirits,’ African ‘Ancestral Worship’

In an interview posted to social media, Black Lives Matter (BLM) Co-Founder Patrisse Cullors, along with BLM Los Angeles Co-Founder Melina Abdullah, discussed the “spiritual” component of the movement, explaining the practices and “rituals” performed to remember and “invoke” the spirits of deceased African Americans. (more…)


Prelude to The Storms

By Michael Patrick, Ph.D.

Dear Friends,
I write from here on the Baltic Sea coast, where the Covid threat has eased. Masks are no longer required. Shops are open and life is slowly returning to normal.

I am in quarantine following my recent visit to the United States. What did I find there? Covid confusion and misinformation are widespread, but that wasn’t my first concern. In a word, the manipulation of fear and the escalating conditions to spark open conflict were deeply unsettling. Setting aside conspiracy theory explanations, it doesn’t take a conspiracy when consensus openly serves the purpose of fueling uprisings. (more…)


Young blacks need the facts

Young black activists who are loudly and boldly speaking out on the oppression of blacks in America from the days of slavery right up to today have been told only half of the truth. As I listen to them talk, they omit critical historical facts. It is crystal clear they are parroting distorted facts, which some liberal “wise guys and girls” have taught them. (more…)

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