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Biden’s Open Borders Drain American Resources

Rarely is the sequence of cause and effect so clear. The current surge of migrants at our southern border is the direct result of the Biden administration eliminating the Trump rules that had once tamed the flow. Gone are the “safe third country” agreements that helped migrants apply for asylum in countries through which they had already traveled. Gone is the “remain in Mexico” policy that ensured a mere application for asylum would not be a free ticket into the United States. At the same time, Obama-era “catch and release” for minors and family units has made a comeback. As word has spread of this lax enforcement, more and more migrants throughout the world are attempting the journey.

The border crisis has immediate legal and humanitarian consequences, but what can we expect the downstream effects on our economy to be? How will American workers and taxpayers ultimately fare? While advocates insist that the economic effects of immigration are virtually all positive, a fair assessment of the literature cannot support such a rosy outlook. In reality, the economic impact of immigration is mixed. It offers some benefits for Americans but also some costs, and weighing those competing impacts is a matter for the political process. Uncontrolled immigration denies Americans the right to that process.


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