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Apparently North Korea intends to nuke us

By DAN CALABRESE – Nice knowing you.

Well, 237 years and $16 trillion in debt. It couldn’t last forever, right? The whole America thing was great fun while it lasted, but we are now on notice from Kim Jong Un that North Korea has us in its sights with its upcoming nuclear tests. So . . . bye!

I think I’ll miss baseball the most. I think I’ll miss John Kerry the least.

Anyway. This is probably what it usually is, which is the most time-tested ploy in the annals of TinhornDictatorville. The Norks make belicose noises, everyone gets nervous, we offer more food aid and it all goes away. Until they start running out of food again.

Despite the deep disappointment of the realist set and the media that Un didn’t turn out to be some sort of Nixon-to-China, or whatever it is they imagined Gorbachev to be, he is apparently every bit the saber-rattler Daddy was. Do you really think Bowl Cut Jr. would hesitate for a second to throw Hans Blix in a shark tank given the chance?

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