Blog Abbott Wins: Texas Supreme Court Denies Dem Lawmakers’ Request To Restore Pay After Walkout

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Abbott Wins: Texas Supreme Court Denies Dem Lawmakers’ Request To Restore Pay After Walkout

The Texas Supreme Court denied a petition from Democratic lawmakers to restore funding to the state legislature Monday.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) vetoed funding for the state legislature in June to withhold paychecks from Democratic lawmakers. Abbott took action after Democrats stalled Republican-backed legislation by refusing to attend votes on the bills, breaking quorum and blocking the Texas House from conducting business.

Soon after Abbott cut funding to the legislature, Democrats petitioned the Texas Supreme Court to intervene and overturn the governor’s veto of state funding. The court denied the request, saying that the fight Democrats asked the court to resolve is not between two coequal branches of government, but within one branch, namely the legislature, and outside of the court’s purview.

“While in the District of Columbia, Democratic House members have met with members of the Biden administration and Congress to urge passage of federal legislation on voting and have held public meetings to draw attention to their cause,” the court wrote. “They have publicly stated that the importance of defeating the Republican-supported elections bill justified their departure from Texas and breaking quorum even though it also prevented the Texas House from restoring Article X funding. They have not returned to the House to allow it to continue business. The Republican House members, for their part, have insisted that the House pass the elections bill and perhaps other legislative priorities before addressing Article X funding. The special session expired on August 6.”


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