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A ‘Patriot’s’ Thoughts: At What Cost? The Preservation of the Second Amendment!

Virginia’s Governor Northam is a true anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment advocate and has set out on a personal quest to remove some or all guns from the citizens of the state of Virginia.  At what cost?  That’s what I would like to take the next couple of minutes to examine.

The people of Virginia voted him into office and over the past few years voted in many more Democrats like him.  In fact, the Democrats now control all aspects of Virginia government.  So it would be reasonable to say, the citizens brought this on themselves, but it isn’t quite that cut and dry.  Those living in the very heavily populated areas of northern Virginia generally work in the DC area and commute back and forth each day.  In recent years, they have voted for Democrats. Those in the less populated south and west are primarily Republicans and vote for the GOP.  Voting the state is now and for the most part, controlled by the Democrats. It is reasonable to say, not all Virginians share Governor Northam’s political values or goals.

Legislators in the Virginia State House of Representatives, along with Governor Northam, have set out to abolish the Constitution’s Second Amendment rights in that state.  Current bills include, limiting the size of magazines (clips), extending backgrounds checks up to several weeks as the state deems appropriate on a case by case basis, abolishing the right to own an AR-15 or AK-47, use of local police and the Virginia Army National Guard (ANG- citizen soldiers) to go door-to-door to confiscate those weapons and if a homeowner refuses he/she will go to jail and the list goes on.  This is why the gun owning citizens of Virginia are marching on the State House tomorrow (12-19-2020).  

A moment to jump on my AR-15/AK-47 bandwagon.  Every anti-gun hawk on the left, including Governor Northam, calls these weapons ‘weapons of war’!  Not true, utter bull!  I carry a S&W semi-automatic hand gun. Both the AR-15/AK and my S&W are exactly the same weapons, except for how they are packaged (big compared to small).  Simply put:  they are both semi-automatic weapons.  Meaning:  One trigger pull, one bullet fired.  Military weapons are fully automatic and when you pull the trigger, they fire continuously until the magazine is empty.  Therein lies the lie!  They also fail to tell the public, automatic weapons are illegal in the US and further, it is illegal to convert an AR/AK to full auto.  The federal penalty for doing so is extremely high.  Not one shooting occurrence in the US has been with an automatic military weapon or one that has been illegally converted.  Another inconvenient truth they omitted.  Why then, are they so determined to take our guns away?  I could say, it’s because that’s the only way they can fully implement and control Socialism in this country, but that’s for your to decide.

As a result of all these anti-gun initiatives being forced on the people in Virginia, they are rising up and marching on the State House tomorrow to say no, we will not allow this to happen.  It is being reported, thousands will arrive and march tomorrow.  Included with the peaceful citizens that want to express their dissatisfaction, will be factions of Antifa and White Supremicist.  It is also being reported, Antifa protesters will be bused in and show up wearing MAGA hats and Keep America Great shirts so the media will blame the violence on Trump supporters.  If Antifa does show up, they will come with the intent to commit acts of violence, they always do. It is also noted, George Soros and his organizations are the primary source of funding for Antifa.

The governor is so concerned with the volume of protesters, combined with the potential for violence, he has militarized the police and fortified (fencing) around the State House so it can’t be overrun.  No word yet whether the ANG will be deployed to the State House.

My question remains, ‘At What Cost’?  Hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars are and have been spent because of the march that was totally unnecessary and shouldn’t be happening at all, the potential for protester injuries or death, the clean up after the fact and the damage it will do to the image of the state of Virginia.  Governor Northam is coming to the realization the American people take the Second Amendment very seriously and will not allow it to be stripped away for any reason.  I imagine every governor across the land is watching this closely, especially those that have been systemically eroding the Second Amendment rights in their states.  My hope is, tomorrow’s march goes peacefully and there are no personal injuries or property loss.    

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