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Trump: The New Churchill

No one has been more prescient about what a Biden presidency would mean for America than Donald Trump.

The contrast could not have been greater.

There was former President Donald J. Trump in Alabama on Saturday night. He was crisp, to the point, and defiant.

Then there was President Joe Biden. The bumbling president has come under attack for his disasters in Afghanistan, at the southern border, and more. A combination of American media figures and politicians across the ideological divide are shocked by the disaster in Afghanistan. This is not to mention that Biden’s Afghanistan incompetence has infuriated American allies. The British Parliament went out of its way to hold Biden in contempt for his withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan. What Biden did, the MP’s said, was “catastrophic” and “shameful.”

The contrast between Trump and Biden reminds the historically aware of the now-legendary tale of a scorned Winston Churchill in the 1930s, who warned the country and the world that Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin and his successor, Neville Chamberlain — leaders of Churchill’s own Conservative Party — were repeatedly ignoring the deadly serious threat building in Germany.


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