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14 Year Old Republican Surprises Democrat Door Knocker In Maryland

Fourteen year old Leonard Robinson, III got an unexpected visit to his home in Suitland-Silver Hill, MD by a Democrat door knocker. How he handled the woman will put a smile on your face. Leonard tells the story:


Before I begin, I find it necessary to give some background information to make the significance of this story more relevant. My mother has been living in our neighborhood of Suitland- Silver Hill area for about three years and never has anyone knocked on our door, from GOP to Democrats, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and door- to- door salesmen.

Well, Tuesday, March 4, Prince George’s County Schools were declared closed due to the roads and weather. So, I was home alone. Around 10: 50 A.M., all of a sudden there is a knock on my door. A woman with long hair and an Obama 2012 t- shirt stands proudly saying, “I’m here on behalf of the Democrats of Prince George’s County encouraging people to stand up against local PG county Republicans who have contacted some of our Democratic supporters and are trying to make an entrance into the community, let’s let them know this is a pro- Democrat neighborhood and we don’t want race- mongering people who refuse to work with our President to have a presence.” Interested in how much of a fool she could make herself look.

I replied, “Really?”

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